It is no secret: having a baby is expensive. Just considering the cost of diapers, furnitures, accessories, clothes and other essentials for babies can give a headache to most families, even to the ones that enjoy some level of financial comfort. However, a big part of the baby budget can be alleviated by making enlightened consumer choices. Below are some of the points you may want to consider to save money.

You may want to look into reusable diapers. Although it may seem more expensive to buy washable diapers, they will help you to save a lot of money in the long term. You may be reluctant to get into a routine of washing diapers, or you may think that it is not worth the trouble, and that it will take way more time to wash diapers than to use disposable ones. However, remember that we have gone a long way since our grandmothers' cloth diapers, and that nowadays, reusable diapers are pretty and practical, and much easier to handle. Furthermore, you will be doing the environment a favour if you choose to use washable diapers. And remember, reusable diapers are a great gift idea, so add them to your birth gift list and you won't have to bear the entire investment cost.

When looking at ways to save money on the baby budget, consider breastfeeding. Saving the cost of baby formula will relieve some of the financial pressure caused by the arrival of a new baby. You can save hundreds of dollars per year just by breastfeeding! Besides, the health benefits of breastfeeding are significant both for mother and baby, and you may well end up saving money on doctors' fees and medication while and after breastfeeding.

Stop buying ready-made meals. They are often much more expensive than fresh produce, and less healthy. Prefer buying fresh vegetables, fruit and other produce, and cook yourself. To further lower your grocery bill, you can buy big quantities of fresh food, taking advantage of interesting offers, and then cook and freeze portions for later.

Also remember that you can get many a babies freebie. For example, instead of buying books, go to your local library where you will have access to free books, games, toys and DVDs. Once you have read the free books with your baby, you can choose to buy only the ones your baby liked best.

There are also many things you can get for free from many stores. For example, most baby stores offer baby freebies when you show them a birth certificate of your child. Others will give you a babies freebie as soon as you are pregnant. Maternity wards and hospital can also give baby freebies when you ask them, and asking in different stores if they can give you freebies for your baby may result in you collecting much useful free stuff to use with your new born. Also consider searching for baby free stuff Canada on the Internet to have a look at the latest hot deals and offers.