All their lives good parents only have one big goal: to make their children happy. They would do basically anything to see their babies smile. This exercise starts from the very first day they get to hold their newborn. Parents’ entire world revolves around this little human being, so this is also the moment when worries start circling around like vultures. But, you should know that in the first years of life, it’s quite easy to make a baby happy. Here are some tips:

Less theories and more love

The most important thing your baby needs is love. Unconditional love is the key to enjoying the presence of a happy baby. Don’t wait for the years when he or she can understand the meaning of your words. You should tell them how much you love them from day one. Your tone and your warm voice will be able to create a feeling of security and comfort for them. Once they sense you are close, they know that everything will be just fine and it’s ok for them to stop crying, which is quite helpful for you too. Don’t try and raise your children following different theories. Each baby is unique and so should his or her education. If your baby feels happier sleeping in bed with you, why should you force him or her to sleep in their own bed? Nobody knows your baby better than you, so you should listen to your intuition. Theories help when it comes to scientific facts, but the way you love your baby should depend exclusively to you.


In the first year of their lives, babies are usually breastfed. This is the healthiest milk in the world for them and you should try and provide this exotic meal. So what if you don’t lose your baby weight in the first months after having your baby? Do you have a new movie you need to perform in or a gala you need to attend, and everybody is watching you? Your baby’s health should become your priority and not that pair of jeans that you want to wear. If nature didn’t help you and you can’t breastfeed your child, the second best option is choosing a good formula. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your baby’s nutrients and choose a high quality formula. The most popular brands out there are Nestle, Similac, Enfamil and Heinz, but you should do your research and choose a brand that you think is best for your baby’s needs. Always consult with a pediatrician when it comes to your baby’s food. Also know that many brands will let you try out their products first by sending baby freebies.

Comfortable diapers

When choosing the diapers for your baby, you should always consider their quality. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so the diapers need to be soft and prevent any leakage. Don’t choose low quality diapers just because they are cheaper. Nobody said that having a baby is going to be a low-priced experience. Be prepared to spend as much as necessary for the things your baby needs because...this is your baby we’re talking about. The most popular diaper brands available on the market are undoubtedly Pampers and Huggies. This is not what we say, but what mothers all over the world agree upon. Of course, you can find other brands which offer probably the same quality as these two brands, but you won’t know this without trying them first. If you want to save some money, you could always ask for some babies freebie.

So, keeping your babies happy during the first years of their lives is not that complicated. The problems begin when your love, some milk and a comfortable diaper won’t seem to do the trick. But, until then, enjoy the moment. And don’t hesitate to ask brands for baby freebies, so you can make an informed choice on their products.