Are you a young mother who has just given birth? Did you became a father for the first time a few days ago? Or are you the household decision maker of a large family that just expanded? Whatever be your situation, this article about free baby sample packs should interest you! Indeed, as we know, the arrival of a baby is a great joy, but also a major source of expenditure. Furnishing of the baby’s room, diapers, milk formula, baby clothes, stroller and hygiene products ... the costs can escalate fairly quickly!

Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to alleviate the bill easily. Today, we will discuss free baby sample packs that are distributed by many international brands, in order to allow parents to try their products - in the hope that they will be converted in loyal customers. The two most famous baby sample packs are the ones offered Johnson’s and Nestlé. This article explains what these packs contain, and which one is the best!

Johnson’s Baby Sample Pack

Johnson’s is offering free “baby take along pack”, which contains their most popular baby products in travel sizes, in order to be able to protect, cleanse and nourish baby’s skin on the go.

Johnson’s baby take along pack contains:
- Johnson’s baby shampoo 1.5 fl oz (44mL): This shampoo has a very gentle formula, and as mild to the eyes as pure water.
- Johnson’s Head-to-toe baby wash 1 fl oz (29mL): Dermatologist-tested, a gentle product which cleanses without drying.
- Johnson’s baby lotion 1 fl oz (29mL): Number one choice in hospitals, this lotion nourishes baby’s skin for 24 hours
- Johnson’s baby powder pure cornstarch with aloe vera & vitamin e 1.5 oz (42g): This is the ideal product to absorb excess moisture to help skin feel comfortable.
- Desitin rapid relief cream fl oz (3.5 g5.9 mL)

Nestlé Baby Sample Pack

The Nestlé Baby Sample pack contains a selection a various products for every stage of your little one’s development. Every pack include:
- A pack of Huggies diapers
- A NUK baby bottle
- Prenatal Vitamins
- A can of Good Start Probiotic Baby Formula from Nestlé
- Baby rice cereal from Gerber
- A stylish diaper bag with a change pad
- A coin purse
- Nestlé money saving coupons
- Tons of information and parenting tips and advice, like The Nestlé Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Baby Feeding Guide

The total value of this pack is 130$.

In conclusion, we can see that these two baby sample packs are quite different: the Johnson’s one only contains hygiene products, and is ideal to bring on holidays, whereas the Nestlé baby sample pack contains much more diverse products, from diapers to baby good.

So what do you think, do you have a preference among these 2 free baby sample packs? Anyway, nothing prevents you from ordering them both, in order to get twice as many freebies!