A pregnant woman is a happy, but usually a worried woman. There are so many unknown things that are waiting for you during this beautiful adventure that sometimes it's just hard to distinguish the signs and know when you need to be worried and when you don’t.

Now, you don’t have to read all the pregnancy guides out there. Just as if you were trying to get all the baby freebies out there, you will only get more confused and worried if you try to do that. You should choose only a few pregnancy guides that seem to be reliable and easy to understand and stick to them. Sometimes too much mixed information is worse than less information. Just as one babies freebie can sometimes mean much more than a bunch of them. Although it is very wise to read pregnancy guides, you should never forget to use your common sense and intuition. These two qualities are unbeatable.

A pregnancy guide will help you know what is natural during a pregnancy and what is unusual

Reading a pregnancy guide is a great way to decipher all the new things that happen during pregnancy. There are times when you just don’t know if the changes you’re experiencing are something any woman experienced during her pregnancy, or if they are unusual and therefore you need to visit your doctor. Usually, pregnancy guides offer information regarding every phase of your pregnancy, so it will be a lot easier to follow the signs.

A pregnancy guide will give you tips about how to alleviate some of your symptoms and enjoy your pregnancy

Pregnancy guides are written by experienced specialists in the field, so expect to find plenty of things that will help you alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms you might experience during pregnancy. You can get all sorts of tips, from how to attenuate your morning nausea to how to get in shape after giving birth. Most of the pregnancy guides also offer tips regarding the first months spent together with your baby. You will have access to plenty of information about your baby’s bathing ritual, feeding and so on.

A pregnancy guide includes the latest scientific discoveries in the field

Although your mother, grandmother, aunt and any other female relatives who have experienced the joy of being pregnant can give you precious advice about this experience, you should keep your mind open and listen to what science has to say lately about pregnancy. Every day new things are discovered in this field, from what you should eat during pregnancy to how to take care of your newborn, so it is important for you to know the latest scientific news in the area.

The human body is such a complex “machinery” that is quite impossible for your relatives to know all there is to know about it. Give science a chance too and listen to what specialists have to say about pregnancy. That is why you should buy only the most recent pregnancy guides available on the market. They will surely include the latest information about pregnancy and some of the best pieces of advice you can receive. If you read a pregnancy guide published during your grandmother’s youth, you might get advice about how it’s ok to continue smoking during your pregnancy.